Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keeping my hands busy!

Don't you have one of those days where you look at something in the shop and think 'I could make that cheaper' lol...
I've been having a play with some cottons and hooks - which is a challenge for me, as I not a crocheter (is that even a word).. I do the usual knitting and sewing but Crocheting is new realm for me. So off to spotlight to get some cottons as i really wanted to have a go at some flowers - some research on the net.. and this is what i have come up with so far.. (be kind with your comments)

Anyways, do tell me what you think.. might even get to put one on a card or two :)


  1. Hi Sally,These are brilliant and would you believe I have also been playing with some cotton and a crochet hook to do the same thing, but yours absolutely look so much better then mine!!!!!. I think you may need to give me some lessons. I can see some fabulous card creations using these flowers, mmmmm.... may have to use them in our class,if you make enough, LOL.xxxxxx

  2. So cute... smarty pants ;-)
    Isn't it a great feeling knowing that you can do something better (and cheaper) than you can buy in the shop!! Well done!

  3. OMG WOW they are BRILLIANT,I wouldn't have even given it a go!!! Well done,they are perfect!!

  4. hi sally tis rellz, thankyou for popping over to my blog and leaving your lovely message, so i thought id pop over to yours, and im glad i did, wow, for somebodys who's just picked up some needles and cotton and finshed with crochet flowers like these, looking totally fab, big congrats and hugz,
    rellz. : o )

  5. O wow these are gorgeous, and you say you never did this, wow thats awesome. Love them xxx


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