Monday, May 9, 2011

Rick Price - The John Denver Story

WOW - what can I say. I am still amazed at his voice and his story telling was fantastic. I know Stitching Noni went to see it as well - check her blog out to see what she said. I know she had a hoot as did I. One groupie (Moi) stood in line to get his autograph and had her pic taken with the Man... and yep - DH took the photo (he is a secret groupie too
we had some of his really old CD's for him to sign as well as his program from the night.

We have seen Rick a total of four times and I hope this wasn't the last. Once in Moe about 20 years ago, with the Beach Boys in 1982, In Karratha and in Perth!.

Have a great nite

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