Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sad days

Sorry I've been a bit absent, but we have some family stuff happening and you know the drill - we all need to put our families first! as you rarely get second chances! I was out reading blogs today at work (shh don't tell anyone!) and i noticed that on a blog (can't for the life of me remembers who's it was) they were talking about some sad news a friend of theirs had with the loss of a brother - this person went to their friends brothers funeral to help support their friend on most possibly one of the worst days of their life.
I just wanted to say as a direct quote - LOVE is a doing word, so do something with it! say it to those that don't say it regularly. there was some other really profound stuff, but i cant remember it! All i can say is live life to the fullest!'

I will update this post tomorrow when I can grab the link from work and you can all read it for yourself.

Thanks for reading.

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