Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Better late than never! waving good bye to 2013............

Yes, that has definitely been my catch phrase for the last couple of months! 
Where has my time gone??????? Well if you find it, can you please let me know....

Hands up who had great plans to get all their crafting done before christmas
and be able to sit back and relax? Yes that was me folks!!! 
and you ask did it happen wellll  in a word NO

So I've decided to ........
Plan ahead ;)
Today being the last day of 2013 (where did this year go?)
I thought I would get ahead of the next years christmas cards... 
So I've made my first christmas card for 2014! 
Yeah check back in the next couple of months and see if I can keep going.

My DH put the kybosh on most of my crafty time today, as we have been watching
all the action on Cyclone Christine up in the north of Western Australia. 
Thats were he has worked for the last 20 or so years and we lived there for 16 of them!
So our old home town has been hit pretty hard, currently with no power 
and some damage to housing etc...

I've personally seen the Pilbara spirit and it wont be long til its looking like new again!

Enough of my prattle!!!
I've just taken a quck (is that a cross between a duck and a quickie??)
a quick picture of this my first christmas card for 2014, 
as I wanted to enter into a 

Now with hand on my heart I have a couple of new years resolutions

1. Smile longer
2. Sing louder
3. Take care of myself better
4. More crafty time for me!

I think 4 resolutions is quite enough...

I do hope that you will visit often. 
I have been planning some Project Life pages for December Daily..
I have most of the pages ready to go, I just need to print off the photos.

I am "Planning" to complete Project Life for 2014 as I know its gonna be a fantastic year!

To you all, I wish you all the love, wealth, happiness and crafty time for the coming 2014 

Hugs and Love 

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  1. Hi, Sally! What a great start to you Christmas 2014 stash! I'm digging the red and silver color combo :o) Thanks so much for joining us at STAMPlorations this month and for responding to our DT call. Good luck and have a wonderful new year!



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