Thursday, July 3, 2014

Quilt ~ first block

Hi There guys,
Yesterday while two of my kids (26 & 22) were at Mount Baw Baw 
having some snow fun and my son's first time skiing 
I visited with my neighbour Lillian
and I had my first lesson in quilting.
Now Lillian is quite a pro, quilting loads and 
I am very fortunate to have her as a neighbour.
Now I've brought some material, but she said
"Use some of my scraps" so we used some 
of her scraps and I made my first block - log cabin pattern
and funnily enough
 my favourite colour is purple..
I was so excited with how easy and fun this block was to put together!
So I'm going to post my blocks going forward so you
can see how I'm going with this quilting thing
and then finally the finished quilt.

Have a great day

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