Friday, January 29, 2016

2016 - a time for change

Hi Ya All,
So you might have noticed, that I've stepped down from the DT team over at Bizzy Bec's.
I'd like to thank all the DT girls and Bec for being such a wonderful
team and very supportive..

Now that the christmas frenzy and afterwards is over.. 
I finally have some free time!
My Daughter has gone back to Perth and whilst she was in Europe, we were babysitting her furbaby..
between that and getting her PL album started and almost finished.. 
was a task I didnt think I'd get through.
Well, I was going to post a pic, but blogger doesn't seem to want to upload in the correct orientation.. oh dear...

So enrolling in OCC - Watercolour intermediate here
I've just been having a play with my watercolour paints, getting some inspiration 
and a gentle boot up the jaxy... to get crafting
Here is my first go, but then I didn't like how the Canson paper (on the right) was 
reacting with the colours and water,
 so tried Arches paper (left) and got a completely different effect 
and it was drying more evenly and even now, the Canson paper is still pooling water and paint..

So here are my pears ;)
Hope your crafting in this horrid weather here in Victoria
Hugs all round

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