Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What a month! and it hasn't finished yet....

Sorry for being away so long!

Today I am home sick - yes I have the Flu, although some have suggested its the swine variety (I think not) as I am feeling more human as the hours go by!

My dad's sister passed away earlier this month - and I have spent most of the time worrying about him, as well as him going to the doctor and having a melanoma cut from his ear! I guess men of his age 70's went without hats for most of their life and are now paying the price. So we had to wait for his results - thank goodness it was good news - however, there are still some spots the doctors are watching! I have been trying to get the creative process flowing and I must say its been hard. My hubby has been painting some walls inside for the big 21st in August ( my girls - yes two of them, are turning 21) the family will be visiting and this to some extent puts creativity on the back burner! Hopefully he will be finished this weekend and I will be able to clean up all the dust he manages to get everywhere! and we can get some semblence of "clean house"..

Take care and stay safe..
Perhaps this arvo I will get to have a play.

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