Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Labour Day

What to do on a public holiday eh??? Oh yeah there's the washing and the ironing and the cleaning.. shall i go on??? NO i don't think so.. There is also tidying the craft room OH YEAH.. were did I get all this gear from hmmmmmmmm.. LOL - dont we all get that way? I found the ideal room on a blog I visit.. have a peek here - I did say to DH this is the room I would love, his reaction.. we need to move, for you to have a room like this one..LOL

So I've found paper i didnt know I had, found some I'd been looking for and couldn't find.. and its ohhh so quiet - well it would be at 6am (OMG) what were you doing up so early you ask.. well the duties of a wife LOL not that - stop smiling, I was driving DH to the airport as he was catching a plane up north to start work!...
Soo off to make a couple of cards for a new set of twins at work (I'm even knitting them a cardi for the winter), do some more blog surfing, when the daughter arises - its out with the sewing machine.. we have some sewing to do..
Have a great day.

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  1. OMG Im with you Sally, that is the craft room I would die for,I dont think my one is going to look like that!!!!Sounds after the dull dreary HW stuff is done you and are going to have lots of fun creating. See you on Saturday, make sure those Copics are ready to go for a new technique plus I am going have a little challenge for you girls.......mmmm have worried now dont I,xxxxxx


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