Sunday, April 17, 2011

Its seems as though Summer is over!

Thank goodness you say? Yep, I surely do. We dry thirsty people here in Perth had over 60 days with no rain and most all of those were above 30C ( I don't do hot weather). I say bring on the cold nights and terrific cool days! we have had a slight shower last week, then back to 30C deg days... sigh sigh.. But today is mildly pleasant, we have had a small shower, long enough to cool the place down. And what I have been doing - creating! lol. With my copic class next week, our challenges have been tags ! Hmmm, you have to make a tag along the theme ( bring a little shine to the world) and then swap them in class. I have had my thinking cap on all week, but was waiting until the craft fair to see if i could pick up some new things to make my tag stand out! Sad to say, but I didn't find too much to pick up - It was a bit light on. I have been trying to sort out what kind of decorations to put on my tag - since its quite a bit smaller than a card. Oh and in between the creating - I've made some yummy vege soup and done some washing (swapping hats)lol. I haven't finished my tag yet, but will upload it when its done.
Have a great sunday.

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