Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Happy moment!

Today after a pretty dismal beginning, at 4am the neighbour next door 
started playing really loud music!
I was sitting (not crafting) just surfing around the interweb... 
When the son comes in... 
looks at my Project Life Album - moves the pages back to the start
 and looks at each page intently with a smile on his face!
That was my WOW moment, 
when all this picture taking and documenting makes it all worthwhile!
I must admit the ol DH picked it up before he flew back to work and he had a smile to.. 
but he's been watching me from the start. 
The son didn't have a clue until just then.. 

He then walked back from the kitchen with the most humungous piece of banana cake
 and the silliest grin...
 so I took some pics of him with his mouth full!!!

So here's the cover! I hope you like it at much as I did, putting it together!

Have a great night

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