Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Labour Day

What to do on a public holiday eh??? Oh yeah there's the washing and the ironing and the cleaning.. shall i go on??? NO i don't think so.. There is also tidying the craft room OH YEAH.. were did I get all this gear from hmmmmmmmm.. LOL - dont we all get that way? I found the ideal room on a blog I visit.. have a peek here - I did say to DH this is the room I would love, his reaction.. we need to move, for you to have a room like this one..LOL

So I've found paper i didnt know I had, found some I'd been looking for and couldn't find.. and its ohhh so quiet - well it would be at 6am (OMG) what were you doing up so early you ask.. well the duties of a wife LOL not that - stop smiling, I was driving DH to the airport as he was catching a plane up north to start work!...
Soo off to make a couple of cards for a new set of twins at work (I'm even knitting them a cardi for the winter), do some more blog surfing, when the daughter arises - its out with the sewing machine.. we have some sewing to do..
Have a great day.